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Sudents on Job Attachment
Mr. Verwey and De Klerk do company
visits, please ensure you have your
Logbook ready with the company.
Please Note:
Due to the fact that official trade
testing will only start on 30 May
2016, the Level 4 Trade Preparation
period has been shortened to be from
4 April 2016 to 27 May 2016.
However, L4 trainees are done with
their attachment period on 29
February 2016. Should a trainee
wants to stay with a company till the
end of March, or a company would
like to keep a trainee with them till
end March, that is an agreement
between the company and the
As far as NIMT is concerned, trainees
end their attachment period at a
company on 29 February, have to be
released for the month of March and
the trainee has to report for his/her
Trade Preparation on 4 April 2016.